Adrian Nation (UK) acoustic live @Sijf!
Zondag 11 Nov om 18:00 uur Entree: Gratis
Behind the curtains! Guitarist, singer, writer of songs, are just some of the things that go to make up the man Adrian Nation. Guitar builder, rugby player, carpenter, martial artist, climber, the list goes on and is reflected in his musical catalgoue. Here is an artist who can't sit at home waiting for imagination to create the songs, rather he goes and finds the places in life where songs can be found. His music, although acoustic guitar-driven, is not traditionally folk as such. There are touches of folk, rock and even country in his blend, it’s true, but not so much of any one genre as to make the music easily categorisable. Pushed to make a comparison, to name names, you might find a trace of the Canadian songwriter Gordon Lightfoot in there but still, it’s hard to pigeonhole him. The music is undoubtedly commercial, however, and carries a broad appeal. With such attributes, he’s able to play to a number of different galleries. In recent times for instance he’s played the Cambridge Folk Festival as well as the Cambridge Rock Festival. For some it's his songs and for others it's his guitar playing that makes them stop for a moment but in either you will find something of the journey so far and a hint of what's to come as Adrian works toward his next album. Politics, philosophy and poetry all to be found woven into the songs that will become his third album, the first since signing to Northern Lights Music. “Like one of his inspirations Bruce Cockburn, Adrian includes a solo guitar instrumental 'Five Finger Rapids' to show how good a player he is - something you might forget while admiring his songwriting” Over Sijf: Op de Oude Binnenweg in hartje Rotterdam, biedt Sijf je een ervaring om nooit te vergeten. Alleen al het fantastische art-deco interieur is de moeite van een bezoek waard. Maar pas als je een van onze gerechten proeft, proef je Sijf. Ben je moe van het shoppen en rammelt je maag ? Loop dan eens bij ons binnen voor een heerlijk ontbijt, lunch of diner. dit evenement is mede mogelijk gemaakt door de Popunie !
Bar Restaurant Sijf
Oude Binnenweg 115
1312JB Rotterdam
Oude Binnenweg 115,1312JB,Rotterdam


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